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                Mist - Illusion show

                Mist - Illusion show
                Mist ?The Illusions of Sean Alexander is made up of Master Illusionist Sean and his stunning assistant Vanessa. They have been performing their stage shows for well over a decade and have built up a vast array of spectacular grand illusions ranging from classics to modern day originals that have taken them around the world; never standing still for a moment they continue to refine their art to ensure they meet the demands of the modern day audience and remain at the top of their game!

                They have several different shows to suit all needs from a small after dinner show to a full on spectacular stage illusion show where only the best will do!

                For intimate shows, Sean provides a mixture of pattered magic, silent magic and smaller illusions with plenty of audience interaction and participation and is a sure fire hit with the audience.

                For clients who want the full works and nothing less than spectacular, Seanís large scale illusion show Mist ?Grand Illusion, is a non stop roller-coaster ride from start to finish. Incorporating completely original illusions only featured by Sean, this show will be one that is remembered and talked about for a long time! Included are illusions like Video Expansion where Sean impossibly appears from a giant TV screen, his 360 degree Levitation where Vanessa levitates up, down and even around Seanís body; The Shrinker where Sean is impossibly shrunk down to only 2 feet in height, plus much, much more. The show also includes hilarious audience interaction and participation and can be adapted to suit any clientís needs.

                As well as providing world class illusion shows Sean offers bespoke services for clients wishing to produce a keynote speaker, MD or CEO on stage in a powerful way. This is particularly good when a client wants the fullest attention of the audience; right before that all-important speech is to be delivered! Or perhaps thereís a particular staff member you would love to see sawn in half! Imagine the reaction! Other bespoke services include illusions for product launches where maximum impact is needed; whatever the product Sean can tailor a totally unique presentation to match; from cars and trucks to mobile phones; any product can be produced in style to give maximum impact!

                "That's the best magic we've seen" R32;Piers Morgan
                "Top of the specialty tree" R32;The Stage
                ďThe audience was evidently overawed by the incredible demonstration. This was an illusionary act on a par with the best that David Blaine could offer.? City Times - Dubai

                "Not only did they meet our requirements, they exceeded them! They made a huge impression and there will be no hesitation in booking them again. No other illusionist will do - we've found the best!"
                Alliance & Leicester

                "I was particularly impressed with the flexibility you showed when our requirements changed over the course of the day. With our conference over-running slightly and with the stage size being smaller than planned, you took it all in your stride and worked around these things in a very professional way, which was very much appreciated by the organising committee."
                Norwich Union
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