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                Hui Ling

                Hui Ling
                Orientally original, exclusively different!

                All ages will be thrilled by Hui Lings original skills, many of which have never been seen before in this country. Be amazed to see her juggling two parasols with her feet!

                She leads a Troupe of professional Chinese performers who specialize in traditional Chinese Circus skills; Acrobatics; Juggling, Martial Arts; Lion Dance; Dragon Dance; Folk-Dances; Stilt-Walking in various genuine Chinese costumes; Chinese-Style Magic; Calligraphy; Fortune-Telling; Paper-Cutting; Origami & Music on historic and unique Chinese instruments etc. Also, she has a wide ranging network of Chinese contacts in the UK, Europe and China through which she can source almost any traditional form of Chinese entertainment.

                Hui Ling left home at the age of 10 to live at an acrobatic school and has been learning new skills ever since! For 22 years she did extensive international tours with the Chinese State Circus and is a polished, accomplished professional now doing shows, festivals, parties & workshops.

                Her specialist skill, which is unique in the UK, is Foot-Juggling with a variety of props from parasols to wooden blocks. She also juggles with the diabolo, blankets and plates. An accomplished magician in the Chinese style she gives shows and does mix & mingle?close-up tricks.

                All Hui Lings props and costumes are specially made in China. She has recently returned from the Orient having learned more magic skills, some never seen before in the West, and equipped with a wardrobe of new costumes for herself and her colleagues, including one-man & two-man Lion costumes and a seven person Dragon.

                Ling Chinese Entertainments has built up an impressive client list over the past 10 years and types of events include: - Corporate Events; Film Premiers; Festivals, Fetes & Carnivals; Cruise Ships; Theatre & TV; Childrens Parties & Workshops; Cultural Diversity and Community Cohesion Events; Wedding Receptions & Anniversaries etc.

                Formats can be cabaret or show-style; greeting; mix & mingle; close-up; workshop; formal or informal; or a combination of any, or all, of these. They have lots of experience and can design a programme to fit your event and your budget. However, if circumstance change, we can be flexible and respond to this, even on the day of the event.
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