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                The WAM Factor

                WAM puts the ultimate Wow into events and parties.

                WAM knows just how even the right entertainment on whatever scale can make your event the most memorable experience.

                At WAM we will work to your budget large or small, finding the most exciting things around to fit every occasion.

                WAM are forever looking at all things new and innovative.

                If we find new talent that is raw and exciting we at WAM will work with the talent to hone and perfect it for our clients.

                WAM does not forget the tried and tested either ?we just want the best for you are valued client.

                WAM can works directly directly with many of the biggest names and management in the world ?if you have the dream and the where withal WAM has the resources.

                WAM provides everything from a pianist or magician in your home to chart topping music artists even to whole West End shows.

                WAM and draw on a whole team of very experienced crew to create a whole shows ?writing, casting, choreographing, directing, designing a totally individual one off production to your theme.

                It does not stop there. WAM can if required bring together a team of top staging sound and lighting people to ensure that the clients entertainers look and sound every bit as good as they should,
                Now for the boring bit ?WAM know just how to guide you through all those dull bit oh so necessary things like contracts and terms ?even those famous star riders that one hears about in the press.

                Above all WAM want to make your event, whatever the scale, the best in town.
                Whatever Artists Management is a London party entertainment company that provides party entertainment internationally and in London and surrounding areas. We specialise in cover bands, magicians and dancers all from our London offices
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