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                Party Entertainment

                The business world might not be as effervescent as it once was, but there is still a market for party entertainment. Now it isnít so much celebrating success, as celebrating survival and improving morale. The number of entertainment agencies has reduced somewhat since 2007, and itís no surprise considering the economic climate.

                Business has suffered something of a Darwinian evolution over the past couple of years. Those who werenít healthy enough, too fat, too slow or too cumbersome are gone. Only the fit and capable survive. This is echoed across the spectrum of business from pubs to manufacturers, and even includes the banks as we have seen from the news.

                So those companies that have survived are grateful for it, and sometimes grateful to the staff that made it happen. Some feel that offering a reward for the loyalty and hard work is worth the expense and decide to throw a party to say thank you. This is where the party entertainment agencies come in. A business planning an event needs a headline act, or an appearance to make it stand out. To procure an in-demand personality takes contacts and an eye for whoís hot, and whoís not.

                Choosing an agency is all about first impressions. Like many decisions we make in life, we make them in the first few seconds. Itís important to be aware of this and listen to that little voice in your head when they talk to you. Business is about people, so make sure you meet the person youíre going to be dealing with. Email and phone is convenient but no substitute for looking someone in the eye.

                Any business is only as successful as the last client it satisfied. So make sure you check out their last events. If you can, talk to the client and ask them about their experience. Any agency worth its money will be happy to provide references.

                Party entertainment agencies can book just about anyone on the circuit so donít be afraid to let your imagination wander. It isnít just the ďA-listerís?that make good guests, other more quirky, leftfield, or niche personalities can make a great night if pitched right. Itís all about picking the right person for the right situation. Some appearances will be more suitable to some companies, or events than others.

                Thatís where the skill of the party entertainment agency comes in. If a business or event coordinator doesnít know who to book, the agency can suggest suitable candidates dependent on the event and their availability. Most celebrities and personalities are very busy people, so knowing who to call to get them booked is a vital skill.

                Party entertainment is the ideal way to make an event stand out, and to give everyone that extra buzz from it. Having a well-known personality appear and talk, sing or do whatever they do will keep the audience talking about it for years.
                Whatever Artists Management is a London party entertainment company that provides party entertainment internationally and in London and surrounding areas. We specialise in cover bands, magicians and dancers all from our London offices
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