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                Erin Boag - Strictly Come Dancing


                Laura's Magic Travels the World


                Madame Galina - West End Show


                Anton and Erin Go To Hollywood


                African drummers at the Dorchester


                WAM directors at ISES Event


                Olympic themed entertainment at Formans


                Swing and Dance new cruise show


                The Rat Pack's Back with a Big Band


                Olympics themed entertainment at ISES


                Chris Marques to judge Dance Avec Les Stars for TF1 once again.


                Laura London wows the VIPs at the British Grand Prix


                Original Ballet created for US client to Beatles music


                Erin back for 8th Strictly Come Dancing


                NEW! ! sole representation The Rat Pack's Back, String Diva, Opera by Disguise, Ooh! James


                Lionel Blair Taps and Chats on the High Seas


                Flairers transform new office launch


                Piper welcomes guests


                Erin saves the day for She Magazine


                Private Party at The Natural History Museum

                Whatever Artists Management is a London party entertainment company that provides party entertainment internationally and in London and surrounding areas. We specialise in cover bands, magicians and dancers all from our London offices
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